Managed Services:

Clegg Technologies provides the IT services of a full-time IT team at an affordable cost. From networking to server management, all the way to PC helpdesk services, we provide everything from the ground up! In addition to monitoring you will receive a subscription to our maintenance software as well as access to our helpdesk.

On Demand:

Get connected to our helpdesk for any IT related issues at an hourly fee.


Our monitoring service gives a subscription licence to our proprietary maintenance software with the addition of real time monitoring of all systems.

Subscription Service:

By purchasing our Subscription Service, you are purchasing the license key to our maintenance software. This program is designed to keep computers updated as well as do any cleanup that the computer may need. This program can be ran automatically or manually. Additionally, you will receive a personalized report to notify you of what the program ran and found, as well as alert you if any additional tasks need to be performed.


$130 for a two (2) hour call. (Remote, or house call)

If the call takes longer than two (2) hours the price continues at $65 for every hour.

We DO NOT charge for wait time! All of our tools notify us when they have completed. (Some tools can run for 8 - 16 hours, you will be charged only for the call) Every call will receive an invoice, along with a report of what was done. If there are any discrepancies please notify us immediately!


Month to month contracts for preventative maintenance.

For pricing, please contact Clegg Technologies using the quote option.

For multi-computer environments we offer discounted rates per computer. Contact our office for more information.

Maintenance Occurs Every month (After the second Tuesday of the month)


  • Microsoft Windows Updates/Security Patching
  • Full Antivirus scan using Windows Defender

Normal PLUS

  • Deep scan and removal of malware/spyware
  • Deep registry clean/fix
  • Deep scan using various Anti-virus tools
  • Common product updates (adobe, java, etc)
  • Disk Defragmentation (unless SSD hard drive)

*Maintenance Contract Intro Special - 4 hours of free site calls per month